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“We would Either Win Or Go Home Dead Tired”- Can Jose Mourinho Lead Roma To The Europa League Finals?

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Roma’s match against Feyenoord was a triumph for Jose Mourinho and his team. The Olympic stadium was packed, and the fans were on their feet as the Serie A side dominated the match. After the game, Mourinho spoke to the press, sharing his thoughts on the game and the team’s performance.

Jose Mourinho On Roma’s Dominant Win In The Europa League

Mourinho praised his team, saying they played very well and that the match was difficult to manage. He mentioned Wijnaldum’s injury and how it affected the team’s strategy but praised the players for their intelligence and desire. He also mentioned that the team was superior to Feyenoord.

Mourinho then joked about his experience, saying that he had seen everything in his 150 games of European competition. He then spoke about Paulo Dybala, saying that he had found a coach who loved him and that he had found a space of great love and joy. He also mentioned that he was proud of the team and wanted to make the fans happy by putting the boys in a position to improve.

Paulo Dybala of Roma
ROME, ITALY – APRIL 20: Paulo Dybala of AS Roma applauds their fans after the UEFA Europa League Quarterfinal Second Leg match between AS Roma and Feyenoord at Stadio Olimpico on April 20, 2023 in Rome, Italy. (Photo by Paolo Bruno/Getty Images)

Mourinho emphasized that the players were more important than he was and that he was at the bottom. He said he was never angry with players who played in doubt, even when they lost, and that they were a family. He then talked about the upcoming match against Atlanta in the Italian first division, saying they would rest and think about it.

Mourinho On Heading Into The Semi-Finals Of The European Competition

At the press conference, Mourinho was still beaming with joy, saying that his team deserved to win. He mentioned that before the match, he had told the lads that they would either win or go home dead tired and that they had won. He emphasized that there were non-negotiable things and that his boys had understood them perfectly.

“There are non-negotiable things, and my boys understood it perfectly. Before the match, I said: “Either we win it, or we go home dead tired. We won, and we deserved it.” 

Mourinho’s words show that he is a coach who cares deeply about his players and wants to create a culture of love and joy in his team. He is proud of what his team has achieved so far and wants to continue improving. Roma’s fans can be sure that they have a coach who is committed to making them happy and creating a winning culture in the team.

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