Hearts Source Confirms All Options Indeed On The Table While SPFL Giving Unfair Advantage To Some

Hearts chairwoman Ann Budge
EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND - JUNE 30: Ann Budge, Owner, CEO and Chairwoman of Hearts (Photo by Mark Runnacles/Getty Images)

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News broke a few hours back that the Join Response group of the SPFL and SFA have ordered Hearts to stop training until atleast 24th August. This decision came on the back of high profile lockdown breaches by Aberdeen and Celtic players. The Edinburgh side are however furious at this decision and are currently considering all options.

Just before this piece was published, Hearts released a statement confirming everything I had just been told. The very end of the statement shows just how much the club officials are fuming, ”For the avoidance of doubt, everyone at the Club is equally incensed. We are currently considering our options.”

Before this statement was published, I got a chance to talk with a source inside the Club. I asked him at the overall mood and was told things are grim, ”Everyone is furious right now. They are punishing us for something we had no hand in. And yet those clubs have had to face no consequences.

”There was a lot of spending that needed to be done so that we were ready to start, and we did all that. Now, we are being asked to stop. All the required steps that were needed by SPFL and SFA were done from our end, and everything was monitored to ensure everything is complied with.

”Yet once again we are the ones to suffer. Every one of us is truly speechless.”

The mood was tense, so I asked him about what realistically could be done by Hearts? Take the SPFL to Arbitration? Refuse to play in the Cup semifinals? Ask the Government for further clarification?

”Everything is on the table! We will see. It’s not fair that this decision has an impact on just one Club: us.

”A lot of clubs were sceptical about spending money to start training. But we did it and did it right.”

When I pressed further on what ‘everything is on the table’ means, I was told to wait for further updates on the official channels by Hearts. Maybe, there will be more clarity tomorrow because as of now, it seems there maybe a new front opening in the battle against SPFL.

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