Star German Midfielder Reportedly Wants To Stay On At Arsenal: Should Arsene Wenger Comply?

The end of the current campaign poses many questions for Arsenal. The 2017/18 season began with the Gunners set to lose two of their most prized assets in the form of Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil on free transfers. To add insult to injury, the Chilean superstar did not even leave the country and instead joined up with Arsenal’s arch rivals Manchester United.

As for the German, the case can still be different. Ozil’s current deal expires at the end of this season and any talk for his contract extension has become stagnant. This sets up an ideal opportunity for the managers of other clubs to lure away Ozil.

The German was the chief ball player behind the ‘shadow’ team of Madrid in the 2011-12 season who won matches by producing lightning-fast counter-attacks. Ozil moved to Arsenal in the summer of 2013 for a reported fee of £42.5m. In his four years at the club, Ozil has 36 goals and 63 assists in 181 appearances and has gone to lift the FA Cup twice.

Although he has been accused by fans and media of going missing in big matches, he still remains one of Arsenal’s primary playmakers and it remains to be seen how Arsenal cope without him should he leave. Moreover, following Sanchez’s departure, Wenger might not like to see his other star player leave as it will leave the Frenchman with a lot of rebuilding to do.

Sanchez’s departure was always set in the wall with the Chilean throwing endless tantrums to get his wish. The case for the German, however, has been different. Although Ozil’s contract expires this season, the playmaker has been classy enough to remain professional and fully committed to the cause of Arsenal.

He looks back to his best form at North London and with Jack Wilshere returning to form and fitness, Henrikh Mkhitaryan now in their ranks and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang rumoured to be on his way, Ozil could have a world-class team around him to team up with.

The one aspect of the “keeping Mesut Ozil” condition that is far from getting sorted is the wage issue. The German has reportedly demanded a wage in the numbers of £300,000-a-week. It is also being reported that the deal might even be possible at £250,000-a-week should negotiations go well.

The desire to keep Ozil will definitely be strong but Arsenal might not be willing to accept Ozil’s wage demands given their financial policies. However, an exception can definitely be made and should be made for a star player like the German as Wenger will know Ozil’s departure could have further harmful repercussions on the club’s image and performance level.

Diptanil used to be a columnist of The 4th Official. Knows German and not afraid to use it on you.