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Tottenham 1-1 Liverpool: Daniel’s Damned, Dier’s A Dreamboat, Sexy Sadie Chant Fits And Other Things We Learned

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The points were shared, and it was perhaps a fair reflection to what transpired over the course of the two halves. To Jürgen Klopp’s honest assessment, Liverpool should have scored four goals before Tottenham managed to notch up the equaliser. James Milner’s penalty was cancelled out by Danny Rose’s adventurous strike, and neither faction has too much to complain about apart the maddening decisions from Robert Madley – but more on that later. Here are the 5 talking points from the White Hart Lane.

#1 To Daniel, From Klopp, Much Love (not)

Prior to the match, most of the experts were mulling over who Klopp would go for between Coutinho and Firmino in his 4-3-3. The question was answered, rather markedly, by benching Daniel Sturridge and starting Bob the Brazilian as a false 9. The former Chelsea striker’s mid-week comments which were almost on the fringes of our mind, came to the fore as we were handed the team sheets (by ‘handed the team sheets’ we mean ‘when our mates passed the phone around with the team news on it’).

The authoritative German, while he’s cheery most of the time, doesn’t take to kindly to the fact of being told what to do. Klopp choosing to bring on Divock Origi, instead of the England international, further underpinned the German’s annoyance. The Belgian was a doubt for the match, and as far as his touches went, his second touch seemed, invariably, to be a tackle to win the possession back, which his first touch gave away. Klopp finally put dissentious Daniel on at the dying embers of the game and showed immediately that he’s much sharper, and more along the way in terms of match fitness than the humble Divock. Maybe, he’ll learn to pipe down, Dan. You aren’t exactly dealing with Brendan Rodgers here.

#2 Eric Dier Is A Beautiful Man and A Baller

I found myself asking my mates if they’d have any clue as to the hair product Eric Dier might use. One of them didn’t pay attention as the England international put an to end yat another ominous Liverpool attack, without breaking as much as a sweat, while sustaining that sprightly bounce in his hair at the 89th minute. The other mate googled to find out.

The consummate economy on the ball and without it – probably a by-product of his time in the superior technical threshold in the leagues of Portugal – is a joy to watch. They should really ship more of them abroad. England’s best player in their shambolic 2016 European Championship campaign, he looks to have this aura about him that all great players, at some part of their careers start to imbue.

#3 Sexy Sadio You Made a Foooool of Everyooooonee

Sexy Sadio, what have youu doonee, Youu made a foool of everyoneee. Sexy Sadio, he’s the greatest of them aaalll. We were waiting just for youu.

The boy Sadio deserves a chant, and it would be criminal, and a downright shame if it isn’t in the tune of The Beatles’ Sexy Sadie, which inspired a whole host of spin-offs, across generations. The boy Sadio, maybe, just maybe, has enough virtues about him to inspire. Electrifying the first half, looked utterly spent in the second, and why not? He ran 5 kilometres in ONE half, and you can bet your top hat that most of those were barrel-chested sprints. If it wasn’t apparent, enough, it will be now: Liverpool needs two of him. The moment the Senegalese started spurting like a race car without gas, the visitors lost their focal point in attack, and their most effective attacking outlet.

#4 Vorm Is Half Decent

Tottenham have depth in quality and that told. The former Swansea keeper did his stature as a sweeper-keeper no harm, in this display vs Liverpool. Harry Kane and the lads reckon he was Tottenham’s best player in the first-half, and their inference isn’t too far off from the truth.

He single-handedly kept Tottenham in the game, when on at least half-a-dozen occasions a Liverpool player, playing the offside, was in the clear sight of goal, by the diligent Dutchman was a yard quicker to the ball, with a burst that would make a centre-forward nod his head in acknowledgement. Was one of best keepers in the league with the Welsh side, a season prior to his move to the London side – he reminded us why today.

#5 Hey, Ref, What You On, Son?!

What the %$#@ was the ref playing at? For the first half of the proceedings was handled like it was a European fixture, with the ref getting his whistle into a hot fuss over every little transgression that could have been avoided. Then, in most of the second, he exhibited signs of attention deficiency. I apologise if I seem like I’m venting, here, but the lack of consistency in refereeing has been something that has marred the existence of Premier League, and the incompetency shows no signs of relenting. I can’t even. Oh, look, Robert, you made me kick the family cat into the sofa. It has scratches now. It was brand new. Was. %#$@.

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