Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Arsenal Have Challenged Erik Ten Hag To Take On Manchester United

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Bernard Ford
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Since Arsenal lost to Brighton on Sunday, any chance they had of winning the Premier League title is effectively ended. In years gone by, it would have been good enough for the Gunners to win the Premier League, but Pep Guardiola is still in charge of a team that keeps raising the bar.

This insane consistency means that Manchester City will win their fifth title in the last six years, with a 99-point season in 2019/2020 being the only blip in the way. And that’s the standard everyone else at the table should shoot for. The English Premier League is waiting for the day when Guardiola is no longer on the sidelines.

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Is there going to be a sudden influx of competitors? Had it always been just him? However, City are as hot as ever; they are back in their stride and appear to be an unstoppable force. When Arsenal scored late in games against Manchester United, Aston Villa, and Bournemouth, the reward must have felt closer than anyone could have expected.

The finale is called the business end for a reason, and it has proven too much for the Gunners to handle. The City will win thanks to their terrifying quality and conviction in the closing stages, while Arsenal will be left wondering what could have been all summer.

The strength of the roster was the one factor that everyone was wondering about in this year’s Premiership campaign. A different result could have been achieved if Arteta had been able to field his best eleven for all 38 games, inspiring his team to do the necessary work repeatedly.

However, the greatest in the business are put to the test by the English football schedule. And with Arsenal’s defensive line suffering major injuries in the waning part of the season, things were bound to get more difficult. Arsenal’s valiant effort to win the match provides plenty of lessons that Erik ten Hag and United may use.

Ten Hag, who wants to bring in a first-string striker this summer, will begin by establishing a reliable starting XI. But the Premier League is always a team sport; therefore, United must keep the Dutch squad strong even after Ten Hag has left. It might determine how far United gets under his leadership.

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