Thursday, June 1, 2023

Humza Yousaf Lies When He Blames UK Government For Lack Of Scotland Games For Free

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Scotland’s First Minister Humza Yousaf was not being truthful when he blamed the UK Government for the lack of Scotland football games on free to air TV.

Yousaf made this claim during his first First Minister’s Questions when he was given a softball question by a backbencher SNP MSP.

This is what the MSP asked, “I know the First Minister will, like me, have taken great joy in watching Scotland’s men’s team triumph over Spain on Tuesday.

“He’ll also be aware that, unlike fans in England and Wales, viewers here do not have access to watch the men’s national team on a free-to-view TV.

“Can I therefore ask what, if any, engagement has taken place with broadcasting providers about showing these matches on free-to-air TV, and does he agree with me that increased access to games like that on Tuesday will help inspire the next generation of footballers?”

This is how Mr Humza Yousaf chose to respond, “Women and men’s Scottish football international matches should be part of the crown jewels of free-to-air sporting events. But sadly, of course, the UK Government have failed to act.”

The First Minister went on to claim that an independent Scotland would be in a far better place to broadcast Scotland games on free-to-view TV.

Ofcourse, it’s a lie. It’s an absolute shame that the Scotland games are not readily available on free-to-view TV. But that has nothing to do with the UK Government. As we are sure the First Minister knows, UEFA gets to sell Scotland’s TV rights and in this case they sold it to Viaplay. Even an independent Scotland will have no say about who UEFA can sell the right to for international games.

Viaplay has bought the rights until 2028 and we as fans are stuck no matter what any politicians grandstand about this issue.

This is not the first time Mr Yousaf made a statement which backfired terribly. Remember the whole Wulliewanker incident? I am sure the current First Minister would rather not be reminded of that. Football is really not a strong suit for Humza Yousaf, is it?

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