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The Dream Of Being A Professional Football Player: Research On Career Development Options For College Students

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The better fortunes a professional football player gets attracts many young people into the game. Over the years, football has attracted much media attention. A lot of blue chip companies are willing to sponsor the game too. Many major clubs recruit young players in preparation for major local and international competitions.

Due to this, more and more students are dreaming of becoming professional players. The journey is not easy, but they have to walk a rough path to fulfill their dreams. Several career development options are available for them. They renew hope for the student who desires to join a professional football club.

Participation in college sports

College football became more popular around the 1920s to 1940s. It became the training ground for young players who dreamt of joining professional football. In the process, student-athletes in the NCAA began receiving motivational tokens in terms of cash. The debate on whether they should be paid or not is still on to date.

Participation in college sports has benefits and challenges too. Colleges enroll students in college football but they still expect them to do well in class. They do not graduate based on their hard work in sports. They only receive a degree based on the course they choose. College administrations put pressure on them to do well in the sport.

Due to this, they soon lose interest in education and focus on football. If they fail to become professional players, their dreams could get lost. Many professional football coaches recruit new members from colleges. Although it may affect educational performance, participation in college football is beneficial. A student can get noticed by a professional club and be picked to join.

Research papers help students

Several strategies can help a student prepare for a career while in college. One of them is to learn the skills by seeking internship opportunities. Another one is to join college football and dream of becoming a professional footballer. Regardless of the strategy, a student must learn to balance education and career. The way I create a balance is to let Edubirdie write my research paper while I focus on studying. It allows me to pursue my passion and still perform well in academics.

High level of preparedness

Participation in college sports is not enough but being ready is important. It means doing the things that increase the chances of achieving dreams. Professional football requires a physically, emotionally, and psychologically fit player. If a student wants to succeed, they must commit themselves to training regularly. They need to learn the rules of the game and create time for exercise. Being closer to their coaches will help them learn from a professional.

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Balancing sports and education

According to the NCAA, less than 2% of student-athletes join professional football clubs. This shows how competitive the opportunity is. It also shows how overwhelming the process is to the students. Those who don’t join professional teams choose other career options. While in college, most of them fix their mind on football and have no other career options.

Those who manage to balance academics and sports have better career advantages. Sometimes they spend a lot of time practicing in the field. They use legit research paper writing services to help them write papers. This is just one way to help them balance football and education. There are many other strategies they must learn and create a habit of doing them. Due to limited time, they must learn good time management skills. It will help them plan their practice time, study, exercise, and class time.

Choosing career development options

The student should seriously evaluate every career option they have on the football field. They cannot remain players all their life. Soon at their prime age, they will retire and need a solution for continued income. It helps them get ready for their next career after retirement.

Due to this, they need to choose courses that will be useful to them both now and in the future. The career options are coaching, football data analytics, and club business development. They can get opportunities in marketing, advertising, and media. Other options are football management, referee, sports writing, and training.


Football attracts a lot of attention from the media and corporate sponsors. Due to this, a lot of students develop a desire to become professional footballers. The process they go through is tough but possible. The starting point is joining college football and actively participating. They must develop a balance between education and sports. Being prepared through practice and exercise is crucial. Professional club coaches often take note of college players and enroll them as new members.

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