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The Mentalists In Scottish Football Are Getting Worse

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Kenny Stewart
Chief Football writer for The 4th Official. Always honest and won't shy away from the truth.

Online media is, or should I say, can be a source of good and positivity.

Where the mainstream media lacks much credibility at all, online outlets can be a source of honesty or genuine opinion without the obvious agenda of the mainstream media outlets.

Sites such as this one are read incredibly well and outwith an element of Celtic supporters who believe we are biased or have an agenda against their football club. I think most people realise it allows people to have their say in a way that gives opportunities to ordinary fans to stick their heads above the parapet and have a voice.

In case Celtic fans read this, could I just say to them that yes, I am biased. I’m a Rangers fan, and I see things from that perspective. My articles for The 4th Official are opinion pieces; it would stand to reason that I would see things from a particular angle, wouldn’t it? I make no apologies for it and never will. Rangers supporter sees things from a Rangers perspective isn’t a shock, is it?

There’s nothing stopping fans of other clubs, Celtic included, from writing on this site and showing things from their own viewpoint. In fact, I’d go so far as to say they should. I’m pretty sure the owners of this site would embrace that as a good thing actually. I subscribe, and the more content, the better is the way I see it.

Maybe the (literally) hundreds of Celtic fans on Twitter who trolled me the other week after my last column should consider they have that opportunity? Be brave, bhoys, show some face and actually bring your point of view to an audience instead of screeching sectarian, bigoted bile at your phones then typing said obscenities, thinking you’re funny or clever.

Maybe they’re not sure how ridiculous they look? For the record, I do not tolerate any form of racism or bigotry on social media. I’ll simply block or mute the account that thinks it’s acceptable to abuse others. I don’t tolerate it, nor do I have to deal with it, so when I see the words “Hun” or “OB”, I hit the button, and that’s that.

Grown men thinking it’s a smart move to throw bigotry about Twitter is not a new thing. However, when it’s simply because they don’t like the fact I’ve called something really quite obvious out in regards to Celtic and their cosy relationship with Neil Doncaster, Murdoch MacLennan and Rod McKenzie at SPFL headquarters on the fifth floor at Hampden, then you can’t do anything.

It’s all water off a duck’s back to me. I’m neither bothered nor interested; all it does is make my phone buzz like a fridge and frankly is the source of amusement.

That’s not the case when you come across the militant element of their fifth column right enough. I’m not going to even bother mentioning who, but I will say when you’re discussing football in Scotland while equating it to World War 2 where Rangers are the Nazis, well that’s some hot take right there and perhaps can explain why the less educated with access to a mobile phone think it’s acceptable to use the term “Hun” when attempting to communicate with Rangers fans on Twitter.

The use of analogies is all good and well, but what I’m asking is who he’s actually writing this for? Is it the pondlife that saturates twitter that thinks nothing of throwing bigoted abuse about? You would have to say yes to that.

Most of what I write on here will be about Rangers or Scottish football in general. If I’m having a go at other clubs, then it’ll be my belief that it needs mentioning. That’ll usually be because the mainstream media sit back unprepared to do their jobs properly liaising with certain football clubs in order to get a specific message across.

All clubs have an ulterior motive. Everybody knows that, and normally we all understand and accept that. My point remains though, the professional game’s governing body should be working for all clubs, although that is clearly not the case with the SPFL.

We’ve seen that with the spam folders, lost emails, dodgy votes, stopping football early when one club calls for it, along with countless other scenarios that have unfolded over the last few years.

In my opinion, the SPFL isn’t fit for purpose. The concept of neutrality is alien to them. In fact, I’d go so far as to say they have absolutely no intention of doing what’s best for the game at all.

The TV deal is pathetic, so poor in fact that even the moon howlers have clicked to the notion. It really is laughable that we can sit here with circa twenty five million a year coming in from the Sky deal. Women’s football gets sizeable more than the men’s professional game in Scotland (nothing against women’s football at all, just discussing in terms of the relativity of income it can generate).

The sponsorship deal and the fiasco that’s ensued with Parks of Hamilton is also so demeaning to the game we would be as well not having a sponsor at all.

The deal was so bad for clubs in this country that it’s worth approximately one and a half million pounds per season to all forty two clubs. That is a veritable pittance at a time when all our clubs are feeling the effects of this pandemic and our pretend government’s restrictions. If you believe otherwise, then consider that Spurs have a deal that’s worth two million quid more for one season than the entirety of the five year deal negotiated by Mr Doncaster.

If anyone genuinely believes that’s a decent bit of business for Scottish football; then you’re not seeing it right. It’s a horrendous deal for our clubs, and that’s before we even begin to look at the outrageous state it’s left the governing body in with Parks of Hamilton, who have now taken them to task on the fact they’ve broken SFA rules to sign it when Rangers told them there was a conflict of interest with cinch and Parks of Hamilton. The only plus point to the cinch deal is at least Spurs are paying more for Rylan’s teeth than we are but hey ho….

Our game has been sold down the river by fly-by-nights that are inept and generally incapable of even beginning to point Scottish football in the right direction.

We have Neil Doncaster overseeing this house of cards; there’s Murdoch MacLennan with his continual threats to certain clubs to toe the party line while having his serious conflict of interest at the helm of this too.

It’s time to get rid of the ills in our game, starting at the top of the food chain. The rot has completely set in. Money is needed in our game, immediately, if not sooner.

Yet here we sit with no crowds last season, a sponsorship deal not fit for purpose and a TV deal so shabby it’s comical. How anyone can think this lot are helping clubs or running our game well is totally beyond me, to be quite honest.

Yet here we are with multiple Sevco bloggers shouting about Herrenvolk, Nazis, that epitome of capitalism Mike Ashley and his tanks, share issues at Rangers, debts, losses or anything else that’s negative aimed at the South Side of Glasgow.

It’s lamentable, frankly. Our game is in a critical condition, a mess, with our governing body overseeing one crisis to the other, but all they want to discuss or blog about is Rangers.

Rangers are in good shape, folks. They’ve just sold their second choice right back for twelve million quid – rising to sixteen with appearances. They also received around five million in compensation for Steven Gerrard and his background staff when they left.

Now here’s the thing you see… that is the best part of twenty million pounds right there. It helps to retrieve most of the losses from last year’s Covid hit campaign.

Rangers also made the Play-Off round of the newly formatted Europa League where others did not. The upcoming tie with Borussia Dortmund will bring plenty of income as well. They qualified for this round, bringing extra revenue such as prize money and even more tv money.

Rangers as yet haven’t spent a penny on new players in this transfer window, and in all honesty, I don’t see them spending much, if at all.

They have some wonderful players such as Glen Kamara, Joe Aribo, Ianis Hagi, Ryan Kent, Calvin Bassey, Borna Barisic, Kemar Roofe and Alfredo Morelos, who are all worth serious amounts of cash in the transfer market. Still, here we sit with the cranks and mentalists telling us all that Rangers are doomed. Again.

Let us not forget the New Edmiston House too. Rangers will have a genuine ready stream of revenue from the pub, the museum, the restaurant, the new club/Castore outlet and the new venue that will be inside that new building.

Yes. Rangers are in good fettle. They have a new, ambitious manager with a backroom staff with impeccable CV’s. They sit top of the league and in pole position for the Champions League that brings £40m.

That’s yet another forty million pounds available if they’re lucky enough to get there. The guy that wrote the Nazi blog suggests Rangers will only squander it. Eh… no, they won’t. They really won’t.

That’s the thing for me here. People like that justify their own hatred by making shit up in their heads to justify themselves. Good on you, you give us all a right good laugh.

Make no mistake here; for all the craziness of these nutcases with their skewed frame of mind, Rangers are in very, very good shape. Very good shape indeed.

That’s the problem for these Sevco bloggers; they aren’t living in the real world. They’re living in a make believe set up that’s been carved in their own heads. They genuinely do think they’re right in their madness. In fact, that Nazi blog told us all that Celtic make twenty million a year more than Rangers.

How will that work if and when Rangers win the league? Bearing in mind that an extra twenty million only pays ‘most’ of the extra that Celtic pay their players in salaries. That is the absurdity of this incredible slant on things.

In essence, the Nazi blog reads like a voyeur sitting there jealous of the big guy lying atop his bed with his missus. Pretending he likes to watch from afar, unseen, dictating the outcome but the reality is he’s delusional, living in a fantasy world where he believes he’s the one that controls the experience. But alas, his missus is the one in control and happy to get away from the voyeur for an hour or so on occasion to have some fun with normal people.

Finally, all I can say is keep on Sevcoing, keep on howling into an intangible void. Keep believing that Rangers are in dire straits. Tell us all Rangers are thieving the church water, the rooves are caving in or whatever floats your boat, but when it comes to equating Rangers with the Nazis, then you sink into dangerous territory.

It’s not a good look. It’s that madness that makes you an outlier, a joke figure. I can’t even find it in me to be insulted; it’s way too stupid for that to happen.

As a Rangers fan, the Sevco blogs or the Sevcoer Twitter accounts have been the source of hilarity for years now and not one of them even realises it.

They are parodies. They aren’t aware of how gullible and ridiculous they look to the rest of us, but that’s ok; we are here to help you. We can help by continuing to point out you can’t call us Huns without it being explained to you that it is indeed the use of sectarian and bigoted language.

We can carry on telling you that Rangers are the Champions of Scotland. That they’ve managed to bring in almost twenty million pounds without trying. They qualified for the knockouts of the Europa League while others did not. They sit six points clear at the top of the table. They have numerous player assets. They will have a ready made revenue stream ready to go in a matter of weeks, but aye, you can use your twisted logic to bring the fascists that killed seven million Jews and equate it to Scottish football.

Not a good look. An incredible, dangerous take on things. All it does is show what’s actually going on in your head, pal.

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