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Football Clubs You Could Buy If You Won The Lottery

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Most people in the UK are fascinated with the lottery, turning it into such a lucrative venture.  Still, winning a lottery is all about luck or fluke. However, it allows you to invest in something you love.

Football can be considered a national fixation in the UK. And as such, it is not surprising to hear that several Lottoland lottery winners are interested in buying football clubs with their winnings.

And while investing in a sports team may not be the safest bet out there, it is unique, and the satisfaction you get from investing in something close to your heart is fulfilling.

In the past, many jackpot winners have gone ahead and bought football clubs. Here is a list of football clubs you could buy if you won the lottery.

Forest Green Rover

Forest Green Rover is one of the least known clubs in the English Club football circuit.  And this is attributed to their recent promotion and coincidently their first time into the English Football League in 2017.

Dale Vince, the current club owner, took over when the club was doing poorly and in dire need of finances. The club currently is in League Two, and they have been there for some time now.

The club’s current value is at £3.02 million. This value could be lesser owing to the pandemic; however, the current circumstance implies the future might be better.

Port Vale

The Port Vale is known as a yo-yo club, going up and down the divisions regularly. And with its current value of £2.07 million, Port Vale is considered one of the least valued clubs in the English football system.

The Stoke-based club is currently in eighth place on the League Two table and has been in the divisions for the last three years. And with everything going on, this shows that the club has had some stability lately. And considering the club faced Manchester  City in the FA Cup despite it being a  low-value club, it is doing relatively well.

Port vale spent 11 years in League One before, meaning that the club has potential.  And having their past performance in mind, the club can easily get promoted to League One. The promotion offers a lucrative chance to profit from it.

Accrington Stanley

Before Stanley’s current owner bought the club, he had previously refused to invest eight times. Andy Holt finally invested in the club when he saw the then League Two club going downhill. And although Accrington Stanley is not the most glamorous club out there, it is still in League One.

According to Transfermarkt, Stanley’s current value stands at £2.09 million. They are known to be a seesaw football club that constantly goes from League One to League Two and vice versa. Unfortunately, because of their ownership in the recent past, their value is a bit tricky. However, after being in League Two for 12 consecutive years, Stanley finally moved to League One in 2019.

Torquay United

The 2006/07 season was the darkest hour for Torquay United, after 80 years in the football league. And after too many close calls, it was finally relegated to the Football Conference at the end of the season. At the same time, they were having some serious financial difficulties. It is at this point that Paul Bristow, a lottery winner took ownership and saw it back into the Football League.

However, currently, the team is positioned in the Conference division and competes in the National League, which is the fifth tier of the English football league system. With its current value at £878k, a lottery winner can easily afford it. Its current value is due to the club’s position in the conference division. And, considering their past performance, the club can easily scale up to the Football League. This could mean potential future profits for the club.


With its value at approximately £698k, Southport is considered one of the cheapest clubs in the English football circuit.  Southport has been yo-yoing in the non-leagues, but they are present in the sixth division of the English football- National League North. The club has seen better days, having been in the fifth division, and they have always come close to being promoted to League One.

There have been changes in the club’s ownership in recent years. And in the summer of 2017, James Treadwell took up the right, but soon after, Phil Hodgkinson formed a majority of their boardroom.  However, in 2019, the club’s ownership changed after major changes in the boardroom management. And considering their history, there is no doubt this club will experience changes at some point. Also, due to its low value, buying Southport is quite straightforward.

Investing your prize money in buying a football club may not be the most prudent thing to do. However, to gain, you must take risks. The difference is taking a calculated risk. With the above information, you should be able to buy your favourite club and profit from it sometime in the future.

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