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Four Lads Had A Dream

Rangers fans as four lads had a dream
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - MAY 15: Rangers fans celebrate winning the Scottish Premiership title at George Square on May 15, 2021 in Glasgow, Scotland. Rangers have won their first Scottish Premiership title in a decade with former Liverpool midfielder Steven Gerrard at the helm. Football fans are currently unable to attend matches due to coronavirus restrictions, with the club urging fans to celebrate in a "safe and sensible manner". (Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

“People get addicted to feeling offended all the time because it gives them a high; being self-righteous and morally superior feels good.”

Mark Manson – Author

Read that again. Maybe once more if need be. The words that now infuse your brain are constructed by a section of Scottish society purely because one football club won a national championship. We have a hornet’s nest embedded with vipers. A group of individuals who hold such a high opinion of themselves, I’m surprised they aren’t claiming they have a hotline to whatever God exists.

The thing about being offended is it’s a personal choice. If you examine anything In life closely enough,  you will find the exact level of outrage you are looking for.  For a certain section of the media society/influencers/puppets or whatever they wish to be known as, they could find offence from the moon whilst peering one eyed through a needle when it comes to Rangers Football Club.

I’m not going to name them or quite frankly, give them the attention that they crave. You can imagine the sweat pouring as they frantically search social media, desperate for the line of hypocrisy smeared with a touch of arrogance to reel in some bites that are packed with hatred on every snap. Quite simply, they are desperate for you to attack. Do not give them what they desire.

Sectarianism is an issue. It needs eradicating from all walks of life and society. That is without doubt or even debatable. However, demonising one section of society for perceived ills whilst choosing to wear glass eyes to another isn’t whataboutery. It isn’t smart or genius because everyone can see through the charade that’s so transparent it should be laughable. It’s not laughable. It’s dangerous.

When politician’s, commentators and other figures all of a sudden en masse start a coordinated campaign, you hardly need to be Poirot to see who is involved and what their end game is. Attack Rangers FC and its supporters at all costs because in your own perceived mind, they hold an opinion that’s different to you. Because it’s different, therefore, it’s wrong. Because it’s wrong, therefore, we must ensure it’s erased. Where have we seen that attitude before? We are approaching the 30s in the next decade; I will leave it at that.

Today they crossed a line. Throughout my life, I have heard song lyrics hijacked for inappropriate reasons. Four lads had a dream is one of many that has attracted an undesirable response. Laughable doesn’t even cover the accusations that came out today.

I’m guessing the government will be holding an urgent summit to ban the national anthem for the clearly audible add on right after “Proud Edward’s Army”? Can we expect champions of prejudice to come out and condemn it?

More to the point, why are we allowing a platform to people that are so discredited and full of hatred that the only sense of balance they have ever displayed is walking in a straight line? Even at that, I’d say it probably offends them that they can’t lean a certain way. Even career politicians are so bad they have never once been considered for a ministerial position in a talent pool that’s hardly booming. That should say it all.

Rangers fans have been attacked from pillar to post. The Rangers squad has more Catholics in it than probably any other denomination. However, this only seems to bother those who don’t follow the club. When they cross themselves on the field, again only one section of society gets aggrieved, and the big clue is it isn’t those at Ibrox Park. The days of Mo Johnstone style grievance are over, much to the disdain of our detractors.

Let me ask you this? How many times have supporters been labelled as Tory loving unionist expletives? More than I care to remember. Now that’s what you call a disgrace.

Rangers fans gave every right to be proud of whatever history and heritage they come from. Just as fans of every other team are entitled to. However, this attack dog mentality doesn’t hide the bad news emanating from elsewhere. It highlights the rank hypocrisy on display.

The club and its supporters will never be accepted even if they stay silent in a packed stadium. They would still find selective outrage to form an attack.

Last words.

Maybe these individuals should ask themselves the question, am I the problem? Because the answer is staring you glaringly in the face.

Four lads had a dream.

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