Twitter Reacts With Shock At The Disturbances Outside Wembley Stadium Ahead Of England Vs Italy

England fans gathered- Shock at the disturbances outside Wembley Stadium
July 11, 2021, London, England, United Kingdom: England fans starts celebrating early in London s West End ahead of Euro 2020 final against Italy. London United Kingdom - ZUMAs262 0125197465st Copyright: xTayfunxSalcix

England Vs Italy is less than an hour away. However, the celebratory mood from earlier this morning has definitely taken a turn for the worse ahead of the Euro 2020 final. England fans have now clashed with the police and there are videos of scores of England fans making their way inside the Wembley Stadium without tickets. This could be horrible as it might very well delay the start of the game. There is a widespread shock at the disturbances outside Wembley Stadium.

Twitter has been abuzz with videos of these scenes and everyone reacting is shocked.

A look at the carnage below.

Twitter Shock At The Disturbances Outside Wembley Stadium

If you have tickets for the Euro 2020 final between England and Italy, please stay safe while making your way inside the Wembley stadium. If you don’t have a ticket, for heaven’s sake, don’t be an impediment to others on this day and certainly don’t try to make your way inside Wembley. Yes, I know those ‘fans’ are probably not going to read this article, but we believe it is worth a shot.

England Vs Italy will hopefully be a classic and while we all love and understand fans’ enthusiasm, this is certainly a strike against the grandeur of the occasion.