Exclusive: Calum Brown On Livingston, Martindale, First Game Vs Steven Gerrard’s Rangers & More

Calum Brown works on the media side of Livingston

Calum Brown came on The 4th Official to chat about all things Livingston, the first game Vs Rangers, David Martindale, Marvin Bartley and much more. Calum works on the media side at Livingston FC while also being a part of the OfficialTalkLiviPodcast.

While Livingston are coming to Ibrox on the weekend as massive underdogs, we cannot forget how Livi performed in the backend of the season after Martindale’s appointment. With a new formation change to look forward to, Calum talks about what Livingston fans would expect this season.

This was my debut podcast on The 4th Official. Enjoy!

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Football coach. Can also be found at Scots Abroad Pod