Celtic FC Goes After Their Fans Again But Refuses To Put It On Their Social Media Accounts

Celtic Park
21st April 2021 Celtic Park, Glasgow, Scotland Scottish Womens Premier League, Celtic versus Rangers General view of Celtic Park PUBLICATIONxNOTxINxUK ActionPlus12282612 VagelisxGeorgariou

Celtic FC goes after their fans again (a section of them) just before their match tonight Vs St Johnstone. This is what Celtic Football Club posted on their website, ”We had invited supporters to pay tribute to our Club captain, Scott Brown, by giving them the opportunity to display their own banners in the stadium.

Unfortunately a small group, which was given access in good faith, has attempted to exploit this opportunity, taken advantage of an occasion intended for our Club captain, Scott Brown, and used it for a different purpose.

Clearly this is unacceptable and the display was immediately taken down by the Club.”

It seems this is a direct response to one of their fan groups North Curve Celtic draping a section of Celtic Park with Palestinian flags. They even tweeted the image in case you are interested.

This is not the first time this season that the club have hit out against a section of their fans. However, strangely this statement has not been posted on their social media accounts anywhere (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram).

It seems that while Celtic does not want an incident on their hands, they don’t really want to deal with the mean comments on Twitter.

So much for a fresh new start.

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