How FSG Are Trying To ‘Americanize’ European Football: A Liverpool Fan’s Take On The ESL

A Liverpool fan's take on the European Super League (Liverpool owner John W. Henry is seen in the photo)
(L-R) Tottenham Hotspur FC chairman Daniel Levy, Liverpool FC owner John W. Henry, UEFA General Secretary Theodore Theodoridis and UEFA President Aleksander Äaeferin prior to the UEFA Champions League trophy presentation 2019. Liverpool FC beat Tottenham Hotspur FC 2-0 in the UEFA Champions League Final 2018-19 at the Estadio Metropolitano, Madrid, Spain on 01 June 2019. UEFA Champions League Final Tottenham Hotspur FC v Liverpool FC UCL_MAD_19

Liverpool were held to a 1-1 draw by Leeds United at Elland Road on Monday night but the occasion was at the backdrop of what could be a seismic shift in the landscape of European football. The Reds confirmed on their official website recently that they are one of the six English clubs named to be the founding members of the European Super League.

How Fenway Sports Group Are Trying To ‘Americanize’ European Football

However, it was Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp who had to answer questions from the media regarding the club’s stance on this new development while the club’s owners, Fenway Sports Group, remained silent on their decision despite the fact that it could have a catastrophic impact on the future of competitive football in Europe.

Unless the owners of all the founding clubs come out to provide more clarity on such a proposed league, it’s difficult to understand why they have decided to take such a drastic stance that could destroy competitive balance in the English football pyramid as we know it.

The fact that FSG and co. are trying to eradicate the idea of relegation and promotion in this new league, it seems like such a move could be the start of the americanization of European football. Therefore, there is a real risk that some of the teams involved in this proposed European Super League would start to tank without the fear of failure to drive them, similar to how some American Sports franchises have operated in the past.

A Liverpool fan's take on the European Super League (Liverpool's John W. Henry and Jurgen Klopp are seen in the picture)
09.09.2016. Anfield, Liverpool, England. Official Opening of Anfield s Main Stand. Liverpool Fc manager Jurgen Klopp at this morning s ceremony, stood behind Fenway Sports Group owner John W Henry (in spectacles). xAlanxMartinx PUBLICATIONxINxGERxSUIxAUTxHUNxSWExNORxDENxFINxONLY ActionPlus11786241
09 09 2016 Anfield Liverpool England Official Opening of Anfield s Main stand Liverpool FC Manager Jurgen Klopp AT This Morning s Ceremony stood behind Fenway Sports Group Owner John w Henry in spectacles xAlanxMartinx PUBLICATIONxINxGERxSUIxAUTxHUNxSWExNORxDENxFINxONLY

A Liverpool Fan’s Take On The European Super League

The thing that hurts the most as a Liverpool fan is the lack of communication from our owners to the other shareholders of the club. The Reds have already got a great history in Europe, so it is difficult to understand why FSG are willing to throw such an illustrious past down the drain in search of financial stability in the coming years.

Unless there is a proper structure in place that can be agreed upon by every club in the European football pyramid, FSG and the owners of the other founding members of the European Super League have no justifiable reason to hold their shareholders’ hostage by making unfair demands that guarantee their success and limit the futures of their fellow domestic clubs that have crawled and fought their way up the football pyramid.

Furthermore, Liverpool have always been known as one of the people’s club. So FSG’s latest Americanized stance to join the European Super League should be seen as nothing short of a betrayal to the club’s staff, supporters and every other person that has strived to make Anfield such a highly decorated and respected venue in European football.

As far as Liverpool’s participation in the European Super League is concerned, Fenway Sports Group are well and truly walking alone.

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