It seems that despite a stuttering start to their campaign in the resolution for getting the season aborted with the current league leaders named as Champions and teams in the relegation spot relegated, SPFL has managed to put their house in order. There is now just one holdout, Rangers!

A Lot Of Bluster From Many Clubs But Now No Opposition (Almost!) To The SPFL

It certainly did not feel like Rangers would be the only team objecting to the SPFL skullduggery, but here we are eight days away from the day the vote was first taken on the SPFL resolution. In case you want to read the amazing timeline of the SPFL incompetence from last Friday, click here. Don’t do it though; it will just make you madder as it’s incredible how much we have forgotten in just the short space of eight days.

To those who were interested in doing what was right, it was always going to be an uphill battle. For starters, most clubs were interested in getting some cash infusion in these trying times. We are quite confident that if SPFL had allowed Rangers’ proposal to give sides interest-free loans equal to the prize money amount they would receive at the end of the season, that would have passed overwhelmingly as well. Most teams simply did not give a sh*t as they were not really playing for anything.

The new ’81 percent clubs voted for the SPFL resolution so bow down to the SPFL’ narrative being spun by the media now is frankly disgusting. Earlier the spin was 85 percent, and we took great joy in shredding that argument. However, the media in Scotland feels relentless and sometimes it feels like our voice is lost in all the noise.

Anyways, earlier a lot of club directors were calling out the SPFL on how they felt bullied, and how they did not get enough time to grasp the resolution as they were made to vote on it almost straight away without any discussions. Then clubs like Partick Thistle got a legal opinion done from the QC which clearly states that the initial vote from Dundee was binding and they should not have been allowed to flip their vote.

However, once the resolution was passed on the back of the flipped Dundee vote, almost everyone fell into line. Clubs like Hearts, Partick Thistle (and obviously Dundee) who initially resisted the efforts by the SPFL to draw the season to a premature end were now magically trying to see the positive. The only holdouts were Rangers who reiterated on 16th April that they are still looking to get an impartial investigation from the SPFL and immediate suspension of Neil Doncaster and Rod McKenzie pending the outcome of the independent investigation.

Well, Ann Budge of Hearts was already named the joint chair of the league reconstruction group. Now SPFL has released the full list which you can check by clicking here. No surprise that so many teams decided that pragmatism is the best course of action after all.

EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND – JUNE 30: Ann Budge, Owner, CEO and Chairwoman of Hearts during the UEFA Europa League First Qualifying Round match between Heart of Midlothian FC and FC Infonet Tallinn at Tyncastle Stadium on June 30, 2016 in Edinburgh, Scotland. (Photo by Mark Runnacles/Getty Images)

Rangers Need To Fight The SPFL To The Hilt Even If They Are Absolutely Alone

The media drive is now almost relentless. The mainstream media wants the nuisance Rangers to go away so that the resolution passes cleanly and Celtic are handed the title. Never mind the fact that there were still two Old Firm derbies to play and Rangers had a game in hand. If Rangers would have won all three of those games, the gap between themselves and Celtic would have been 4 points.

You do not hand over titles in these circumstances and in NO OTHER league has there been even the slightest push for the league leaders to be handed the title. If Celtic would have had a lead like Liverpool in the Premier League, there might still have been a discussion to be had. In this instance, it makes no sense for the SPFL to go down an unchartered territory with so much upheaval that league reconstruction is being discussed. All for what, so that Celtic are named champions? Shame on you SPFL.

Now almost no other club are fighting the SPFL on their resolution except for Rangers. There are two options available for the club. The first is despite all the statements, bow down to the media pressure and let SPFL get away with what everyone knows was neither in line with the sporting integrity of the game nor lawful. The second option is harder, but then again, all things worth fighting for are hard.

Neil Lennon, manager of Celtic looks on ahead of the Ladbrokes Premiership match between Celtic and Ross County at Celtic Park on January 25, 2020 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by George Wood/Getty Images)

Rangers Need To Go To War With The SPFL

Feel we are dramatic? Well, how did playing nice guys work out? If you are being hated simply for providing another option on the table and pointing out all the bullying, then how much worse can it get? The Daily Record will have more mean words to say, the SPFL will nod their fingers in disapproval and Chris Sutton will be pissed, but it’s time Rangers do the right thing even if it means they are portrayed as ‘the big bad Rangers’.

It’s time for Rangers to release the evidence in the public domain. Yes, there is a chance for backlash in the media, but they will probably spin it their way no matter what. Even in an impartial investigation, it could be months before anything happens and it won’t be tough for the SPFL to bury it then as public attention is short. Get ahead of the narrative and release statements on this every day calling out the SPFL. Force the media to report it, and they will as they want the clicks. Cut through the noise and make yourself an inconvenience for the SPFL.

The truth is with the new Sky deal, SPFL needs Rangers more than Rangers needs the SPFL. With even UEFA saying that federations should try to complete the season in August if required, take the matter there. Make the SPFL embarrassed at every turn. Open a second front in this battle basically. Calling out the SPFL at every turn on the incompetence and unlawfulness of the flipped SPFL vote that is already there in the public domain would also go a long way.

All in all, Rangers need to be the bad guys now to ensure there is a sporting future ahead for Scottish football. Well, you owe it to everyone to do the right thing now.

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