Exclusive: Two Clubs Apart From Partick Thistle Sought Legal Opinion On SPFL Resolution

Neil Doncaster
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• Two Clubs Apart From Partick Thistle Sought Legal Opinion On SPFL Resolution As No End In Sight

• We have been informed by sources of atleast two clubs apart from Partick Thistle that have sought legal opinion on the SPFL resolution to abort the season. One of the clubs seeking the legal opinion voted ‘yes’ to the SPFL resolution.

• There may be more clubs who have gone down the same route which we do not know about right now.

We have been told that two clubs in separate instances asked for legal opinions about the SPFL resolution to draw the season to an end prematurely. Most in contention is whether Dundee’s initial ‘no’ vote should stand ensuring the resolution failed and if the clubs should have been made aware that a loan to clubs was possible with a rules change.

While we do not know what the legal opinions would be, it seems unlikely that the SPFL version would stand the test of scrutiny with Partick Thistle already making a massive dent in the SPFL assumption that they have the sole power to determine the end of the league.

Partick Thistle had already made a statement yesterday that the SPFL resolution cannot be passed after Dundee’s initial ‘no’ vote. Their legal opinion from the QC states the same and also puts into question the decision from the SPFL not to inform clubs that loans could be given with a rule change, the same thing needed to end the league early.

Yesterday’s meeting of the SPFL board is said to have gone without any hitch as the main agenda was Rangers asking for an independent investigation of the SPFL voting. Also, said to be discussed is Dundee’s vote and subsequent withdrawal of the ballot (legally?).

With the Scottish Sun reporting that SPFL chief Murdoch MacLennan is set to order a probe on how Dundee’s vote went missing during last Friday’s vote, a lot of things are still up in the air.

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