Neil Doncaster
LONDON, ENGLAND - JUNE 07: Neil Doncaster takes part in Leaders U-40 Advisory Day at Stamford Bridge in London, England. (Photo by Tom Dulat/Getty Images).

Morning all. It seems there is nothing the SPFL will not do to protect their cabal while the entire country is suffering. This included throwing clubs like Hearts, Rangers and Stranaer under the bus. The governing body of Scottish football is supposed to look after all clubs, including the aforementioned trio no matter what the circumstances in the same way a party winning the General Elections is supposed to look after all voters including those who voted against them. Of course, the fact that the open letter by SPFL treated the Hearts, Rangers and Stranaer proposal for an independent inquiry as a pariah should have made the mainstream media take notice and call out people inside the SPFL vigorously. That did not happen.

Mainstream Media shielding the SPFL

Don’t get me wrong. There were some voices of reason, but most are still pushing the line for the SPFL. No one questioning why Neil Doncaster is earning £388,000 (up from £172,000 from a few years back) while several employees in the SPFL have been furloughed. In fact, you would be hard-pressed to find the story that SPFL have furloughed their staff as in most cases it has been relegated to a small article, not even in the home page of the sports section. In most other countries, it is the chief executive and directors who take a substantial pay cut, but apparently not in Scotland. However, no hue and cry from the media about it.

In its place, what we get is how an independent enquiry would be the end of the world for Scottish football and hysterics in a similar line. The open letter states how “the cost to our game will be incalculable” and wants “reconciliation and contrition from all parties.”

Open Letter Asks Evidence From Rangers Which They Have Already Pledged

This open letter also again reiterates call for Rangers to produce their evidence. We don’t know if the SPFL intentionally or maliciously forgets that the Ibrox club have already promised to provide the proof a lot in advance of the EGM. But I don’t even see it being mentioned too much in the mainstream media.

Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

The Deloitte investigation on the timing of the Dundee vote was a sham. It was a trick played by the SPFL as you can read in this column by me. Also, check this to find out how exactly even the chronology of the Dundee vote investigation makes no sense. If you are a fair-minded person, the least you would want is a full investigation with so many inconsistencies and appearance of corruption flying around, right? The answer, however, is no if you are the SPFL. I would have thought SPFL should have at the very least wanted their name cleared in the middle of all this but apparently not.

Proxy Vote And A Concentrated Effort To Shut This Down

Now The Daily Record has an exclusive report out that “independent investigation could be shot down before the next month’s ballot box D-day” by proxy votes before the EGM. Let that sink in! What the SPFL is floating out to the clubs is that clubs reject the proposal without even taking a look at what the evidence in question is. I would love to say it is as low the SPFL can go, but I am sure that I would just be proven wrong.

This is untenable, and if the proposal by Hearts, Rangers and Stranaer is thrown out, there would be a legal battle, a long one at that. So the question I asked in my first column still stands? To whose benefit did the SPFL try to abandon the season and name champions and promoted and relegated teams? The money argument does not hold as it has repeatedly been proven that they could have just dispersed loans in the same way they tried to abandon the season more than a couple of weeks back. So we are going through all this for whom exactly?

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