The Premier League universe can be an amusing place to all the people who understand the dynamics of the sport to a general extent. But the news of former Chelsea coach Jose Mourinho, being announced as Mauricio Pochettino’s official replacement at Tottenham Hotspur, had the potential to make even a layman laugh out loud.

What Is Jose Mourinho’s Premier League Story?

Jose Mourinho – he came to the Premier League with quite the reputation and within two years of his arrival, delivered a crushing blow to all of the other teams in the league. He ran away with the Premier League title, in a year where his Chelsea team were nearly impossible to score against. Then, he did it again the next year.

In typical José fashion though, he got into a bust-up with the club chiefs and was forced out of his position in the summer of 2007. After successful a stint at Inter, and a questionable spell at Real Madrid, ‘The Special One’ returned home to Stamford Bridge again in 2015. He seemed to bring back the flawless energy and incorrigible confidence that made him the media sweetheart he was in the first place.

He won the league title again in his second year in charge, but it can be argued that that’s the last time the real Jose Mourinho was ever seen. Next season onwards, he was a mere shadow of his former self. He struggled at Chelsea and struggled even more at Manchester United. Although he delivered the Europa League at Old Trafford, he didn’t actually help the club move forward in any way whatsoever.

What Does José Mourinho Seem To Be Missing?

Whether he’s lost his drive to manage or his ability to manage altogether is still unclear, but looking back at the shambles he’s left at all the clubs he’s been at in recent times, the latter doesn’t seem like a long shot. Although his stint at Inter must be classed as a success, he didn’t leave on perfect terms. At Real Madrid as well, he was forced out after creating a lot of ruckus within the side.

Once he moved back to the Premier League, for a short period, it looked like coming back home to Stamford Bridge reinvigorated him, but the third season syndrome struck again. He left the Blues in arguably the worst condition they had ever been in during the last decade. The worst part is that he was allowed to replicate the feat a couple of years later at Old Trafford.

Why This Job Could Be Jose Mourinho’s Last Shot At Redemption?

The Portuguese mastermind is clearly not the man that he once used to be. The sheer amount of positive energy that he used to induce around him is now gone, and he looks weaker, less convincing, and rather narrow-minded every time he speaks in front of the media. There’s no denying the fact that the Portuguese might just be the most exceptional manager in the history of the sport, at least in terms of trophy variation, but arguing that he is a relic of the past, doesn’t seem too far-fetched.

Ten years ago, to even think about José Mourinho managing a club like Tottenham, would’ve been ridiculous. But over the last few years, that’s the extent to which his stock has plummeted. Fans at Stamford Bridge still sing his name to this day, and to join Tottenham in the midst of that, shows how far the manager has fallen in the world. José Mourinho has taken the Tottenham Hotspur job purely out of desperation, and to watch the club predictably fall apart under his reign, like we said at the start, will be fun indeed. One thing is for sure, if José gets this one wrong, he’s officially finished.

Nikhil has been an avid Chelsea fan for as long as the concept of time has existed and rumours say that he even bleeds blue. Having lived in the UK for 3 years, Nikhil is said to have an excellent understanding of the atmosphere surrounding the English game. His role model is the greatest manager of all time - Jose Mourinho.