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The Perfect Pogba Partner? Man Utd Find The Midfielder To Unleash The Beast

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Narratives in football makes it more magical. Think about it, what fun would be a Liverpool FC vs Manchester United derby be, if the context wasn’t set from history, and what significance would it hold in contemporary matters, if what happened before didn’t set the precedent of what to expect? Much in the same manner, rumours abound, of a homecoming. Homecomings are a special variety of narration, where the prodigal son returns to allay fears, and alleviate sufferings – a fairytale set from the time of Moses. While, no, we don’t quite expect it to be as dramatic as that, the changes can be brought about, and brought about, if Manchester United indeed decide on summoning a fate not too dissimilar. Danny Drinkwater is to be lulled back into the bosom of Manchester, with a bid in the region of £20 million being expected by Leicester once the transfer window opens.

T4O looks at three reasons why it could make the perfect plot.

#1 Pogba Needs A Middle Man

When you have price tag of 89 million GBP stamped across the forehead, the fans, the player, and the manager may be tempted to expect a wee bit too much. Prior to the Leicester match, the French international was a little too willing to do everything on his own – dropping deep, picking up the ball, trying to set the tempo, carve open a passage of play, take on 4 defenders, and lunging forward into the box trying to get to the end of the attack he set up.

With Danny in the mix, Paulie can focus on doing one thing well, and better than anyone in the league – his bull in the china shop routine.

#2 Michael Carrick Needs A Protege

Paul Pogba needed Andrea Pirlo in Juventus, to take the control of the midfield while he charged forward with not a worry in the world. Between Pirlo, Marchisio the midfield monopoly was taken care of, and was the ideal launch pad for Pogba’s runs.

Similarly, in United, Michael Carrick is one option that could do something similar. But the former Tottenham midfielder isn’t really as young anymore. The 26-year-old playmaker would be the ideal, like-for-like replacement.

#3 Jose Mourinho Needs Phase Out Wayne Rooney

Playing a midfield three of Danny Drinkwater, Schneiderlin would give Pogba enough rope to go on forward, and what that would eventually do, is to make Wayne Rooney redundant. The absence of the Manchester United’s captain was telling as his team routed Leicester, as sitting on the bench he would have been a humble spectator as to how everyone else looked rejuvenated, without him slowing the play down.

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