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3 Key Battles That Could Decide The Outcome Of Liverpool Vs Hull City

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#1 Phil Coutinho vs Samuel Clucas and David Meyler

Liverpool’s most creative player, lil’ Phil Coutinho, has a tendency to pull off the disappearing act from time to time, when it comes to the smaller clubs, with all due respect to Hull City. Mike Phelan would have a half an eye on that, and would instruct the pair of Samuel Clucas and David Meyler to double team on the lil’ man for the big games, and squeeze him off the ball, and keep him on the peripheries of the Merseyside club’s passages of play.

#2 Roberto ‘Bob’ Firmino vs Curtis Davies

Hull City’s standout defensive performer, skipper Curtis Davies, would have his task cut out for him, by another Brazilain with a completely different modus operandi. The former Luton Town prospect would have to keep looking over his shoulders, and be needing to mark zonally vs the former Hoffenheim man, who has a penchant of hurting teams, equally, with or without the ball, down to his impeccable running off the ball, and an ability to ghost in the box, intended, like an uninvited ninja who is hanging around the periphery of your vision, the corner of your eyes and your ceiling, ready to throw poison darts and those shiny star things at you. You turn, and he’s not there any longer. But you feel a draught on your ankles, that shouldn’t be, telling you the ninja is probably now hiding under the table. Then it stabs your foot with a double-edged katana. You’re done for. Your Windows Updates are the least of your worries.

That’s Bob Firmino in a nutshell. That top knot is not for show. And if you’re thinking we’re mucking about with the ninja reference – Boom! Here’s the proof. The most densely populous Japanese denizens are found in the South American country of Brazil, more than any other place in the world… apart from Japan.


#3 James Milner vs Robert Snodgrass

James Milner has been largely untroubled by the virtues or lack of the Tottenham and Chelsea attackers, holding his own, rather admirably, considering that left-back is not his natural position by a long shot. In fact, left-back would be his 6th on the list of positions he’d rather play in.

Robert Snodgrass, who looks like has hit a purple patch, could look to trouble straight-faced assassin with his drive and endless hustle. Having scored three times in five League games, Snodgrass offers a legit goal threat, along with a side order of assists.

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