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3 Reasons Why This Beast Could Be Conte’s ‘New’ Pogba At Chelsea

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Jon Depp (JD)
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“As you know, madness is like gravity…all it takes is a little push.”
― The Joker, the late Heath Ledger.

And so it is. The transfer deadline day is here, and chaos reigns supreme, and over-worked fax machines are being doused by fire extinguishers everywhere across Europe. Some get lucky having conducted most of their business up early, and don’t have to go down the road of sheer savagery that some clubs have to get embroiled in, in the bloody sport of one-upmanship that leave many bitter, and a lot more confused. The paper jams in the aforementioned fax-machines, are not so much because of the paper than ill-will and bad karma, and sometimes even loathing that culminates into voodoo dolls and black magic, with CEOs pricking the rag-dolls of other pricks with pricks (with needles, we mean.)

Daniel Levy and Chelsea have no love lost between them, and this recent under-handed sleight of hand, which will see, potentially, Tottenham’s primary deadline day target, the 27-year-old French international, Moussa Sissoko move over to West London for £25 million, as talks are underway. That’s according to the reliable French outlet, L’Equipe.

Cheeky, cheeky buggers. Here are the three top reasons, why this move may be a clever deal for Chelsea and Conte.

#1 Kante and Moussa – When Harry Met Sally, But, Better

Moussa Sissoko, as displayed by his lateral escapades during the European Champions, that he is utterly all about the bull-in-the-china-shop charge with the ball. The disdain he’s showed for his opponent who tried to get in his way was a sight to see, using his power and drive, he breezing past through and through them. With N’golo Kante manning the barricades, Moussa had all the reckless abandon for running through the field with the same quirky frolic as Bollywood actresses and actors did in a field of sunflowers, back in the nineties. Consider N’Golo Kante to be Shah Rukh Khan, and Kajol as the pent up virgin, who Shah Rukh has unchained by his youthful resourcefulness.

With Chelsea now procuring the services of Moussa’s compatriot, and sheet anchor, Conte can brandish the same template and with the same rampant success.

#2 The Pogba Alternative

In consequence of the partnership consummated between Kante and Sissoko, Conte can apply the same template of play he employed at Juventus, with Pogba being the battering ram, which he hasn’t been able to so far. Chelsea, so far this season, have turned out with a three-man-midfield of Kante as the holder, Oscar being the creative force, and Matic being the defensive overkill. With the French international coming in, he could easily replace Matic and take on the mantle of a box-to-box midfielder that the square-jawed Italian cherishes.

#3 The Utility Man

When at Toulouse, Moussa Sissoko drew comparisons with a young Patrick Vieira, such was his influence in keeping the French side safe from relegation. In the process, as with a dearth of resources, he was deployed as a right midfielder, a right winger, a box-to-box midfielder, a defensive midfielder, a right-back, and even as a sweeper on occasions. Thus, he was never fully able to hone into one position, even at Newcastle where he had to shoulder the defensive responsibility of his more attacking teammates, and thus his potential stagnated. The European Championships was a glimpse into that said potential, and when Conte unearths that – he’ll have himself a beast of a player, who puts it all out there on the pitch – who can fill in any role if necessary and affect any in-game change of formation.

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