Thursday, June 1, 2023

Liverpool To Pull Off Their Most Important Transfer Since Luis Suarez?

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Pranjal Bhawal
Pranjal is the co-owner of The 4th Official. While he completed law from Department of Law, University of Calcutta, his passion always remained in football and that is where he finally ended up at.

You know how it feels like to be stuck in traffic on your way back, on a Friday night? Really gets on your nerve, doesn’t it? You’re in touch with your inner misanthrope, the road rage makes the blood gushing through your throbbing temples feel like napalm, as you honk incredulously, words affording nothing but disdain and burning vitriol for all the people around you that keep on getting on your way.  Yes, well, imagine being stuck in that state of mind since you were four-years-old. Done? Congratulations, you’ve imagined how it’s like being Gary ‘Mad Dog’ Medel.

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