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Interview With Argentinian Freestyler Agustin Guillardoy – The Master Of Around The World Tricks!

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Will Godley
Will is a lifelong Brentford fan. Currently 20, he dreams of being a full-time writer one day.

In an exclusive for The 4th Official, I caught up with the professional freestyler, who is a one-time freestyle day champion. Guillardoy, has also appeared on Argentinian television, and is earning a living from his favourite hobby.

Will: Firstly, Agustin, could you introduce yourself to those reading this who might not know you?

Agustin: Well my name is Agustin Gullardoy. I am from Argentina and I am 19 years old. I study physical education at college and am a freestyle footballer, who won tournaments last year, and managed to travel through my country making presentations on football pitches and through promotions.

W: So how did you become interested in freestyling?

A: I like it because I always looked at Ronaldinho in his Nike advertisements. I enjoyed them so much that when I went outside afterwards, I wanted to learn how he did it. I found videos and entered more advanced tricks tournaments.

W: Did you want to be a professional footballer before deciding to go down the freestyle path?

A: I played football as a kid until almost fifteen or sixteen, before I turned to freestyle. I started to freestyle on the 9th October 2012. I began to only think about freestyle tricks. I love football very much, I am fond of this great sport, but today freestyle is my life and it has made me understand that football was just a hobby.

W: And freestylers tend to create their own styles to reflect their personality. What would you say is your style?

A: My freestyling style is sometimes compared with McPro – who is a great freestyler from Russia. But I try to make my own style. I don’t seek to look like other great freestylers.

W: How do your routines generally work?

A: In my work-outs, I put electronic dub step music on. Even when I am not training, I imagine dub step with my tricks. I am doing what I want to do. My routine is good exercise. After a warm-up, I do the tricks several times and start making combos. Basically that is my training.

W: What are your aspirations for the future?

A: What I would like for the future, is for Argentinian freestyle to be recognised and valued.

W: As you mentioned, you are Argentinian. So I must ask you – Messi or Maradona?

A: Messi. Always Messi…

W: Cool, and how much are you earning from freestyle, if you don’t mind me asking?

A: No, it does not matter. I always win a thousand pesos at Q presentations, depending on whether they hire me again or not. But I don’t have shows every day. One of my ideas for the future, is becoming a teacher of serious freestyle and to open a school to teach children physical education.

W: I saw that you have appeared on TV in your homeland, would you say you are a celebrity there now?

A: No no, I am not a celebrity. I was in some television programmes but I remember where I am from.

You can follow Agustin on social media –

Instagram: agusguillardoyfs

YouTube: Agus Guillardoy

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