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Neil Doncaster
Deloitte’s Investigation For SPFL Was Neither Fair Nor Impartial, So Where Do We Go From Here?

Before, we go into what I want to talk about, some news from yesterday. In.

UEFA Disapproves Of SPFL Resolution So Why Did SPFL Go Through This For 2 Weeks Straight?

So what we knew was always going to happen did take place yesterday. UEFA’s stance.

Rangers Need To Fight The SPFL To The Hilt Even If They Are Absolutely Alone On This

It seems that despite a stuttering start to their campaign in the resolution for getting.

Hearts chairwoman Ann Budge
Lots Of Questions As SPFL Declare Victory With Ann Budge, Partick Thistle & Dundee Queries Unanswered

Evening all. There are lots of questions as SPFL declare victory in their bid to.

Neil Doncaster
Exclusive: Two Clubs Apart From Partick Thistle Sought Legal Opinion On SPFL Resolution

• Two Clubs Apart From Partick Thistle Sought Legal Opinion On SPFL Resolution As No End.

Shredding The 85 Percent Argument As Dundee Reportedly Will Vote ‘Yes’ On SPFL Resolution

Yes, last night got me angrier than it should have. Having experienced the previous decade.

Hearts chairwoman Ann Budge
With New Allegations Coming Up Every Day SPFL Needs To Make This Season ‘Null And Void’

Yes, we said it in the heading. This season needs to be made null and.

How Neil Doncaster Has Been Ruining The Ethos Of Scottish Football For A Decade

The incompetence of SPFL has already been documented by us for our readers, highlighting everything.

Neil Doncaster, ruler of Scottish Football: Kingdom of Ineptitude
Timeline Of The SPFL Incompetence Yesterday As Everything That Could Go Wrong Did Go Wrong!

It’s tough to put down yesterday’s events into words. While we will try our best.

4 Reasons Why Football Is Better Than Rugby

Football or rugby? Which is the better sport? It’s a question that has sparked many.